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General info about schedule, register and price

You can get the Schedule from the top menu. Each Certificate course has a schedule, all end on or before Dec 23nd 2021, and new terms will start on Jan 7th, 2022.
To make a course education 45 hours within a month or less, it depends on the number of students, if you have more than 5 students, we will try to work on that and make it happen and open a new class.
In regards to the cost, scholarship discounts, it depends on the course and your current job. Check with the instructor, and provide you with the final charges and tell you what discount you will get. But it all depends on the certificates you want to register for. However, you can get a real-time estimate on the cost after you finish the sign-up progress.

ITU Certificates Mission

ITU Network

Providing access to ITU's network of instructors, experts, professionals, internationally sought-after speakers, and authors.

Real industry Skills

Creating rich learning experiences to enhance skill sets and critical minds. Small group projects allow a high level of personalization and interactivity.

Change Your Life

ITU provides education for the certificates, and additional preparation if needed.
Search job websites like LinkedIn and others to find the job you like and what certificate is required to be qualified

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